Gold Club Members

Recognizing Valuable Contributions: BNI Gold Club Members

At BNI, we take immense pride in acknowledging and celebrating the exceptional efforts of our Referral Partners who have truly made a difference. These outstanding individuals have earned the prestigious BNI Gold Badge for their invaluable contributions to our business community.

To be awarded the BNI Gold Badge, a Referral Partner must demonstrate a remarkable commitment to the growth and success of our network. They have sponsored a minimum of 6 new BNI members, skillfully introducing them to our Core Values and the powerful Givers Gain philosophy.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and admiration to these remarkable individuals for embodying the true spirit of BNI and for their dedication to fostering meaningful connections and fruitful relationships within our organization.

Thank you!



3-DIAMOND GOLD BADGE (Sponsored minimum 18 members)

Paulino Bantegui

BECOME & ACHIEVE Coaching and Consultancy Inc.

BNI Zeal



2-DIAMOND GOLD BADGE (Sponsored minimum 12 members)

Agnes Segismundo

AMS Builders and Construction Supplies Corp.

BNI Winners

Imelda Hur

Viser Phil. Formwork Corp.                                             

BNI Xcite


1-DIAMOND GOLD BADGE (Sponsored minimum 6 members)

Getulio Celis Jr.

HVAC Allegiance System

BNI Xcite

Pamela Osial

G13 Solar Power Enterprise

BNI Xcite

Jerico Tadoy

Manila On-Time Express Manpower Inc.

BNI Zeal

Rene Aguilar

Ener-G-Tech Engineering Services and Trading

BNI Xcel

Miriam Banig

Metrosouth Aircool Philippines

BNI Zenith

Emelyn Pring

Leadership Kitchen Insights Philippines

BNI Zeal

Lorena Villaluna

Orchard Trading PH

BNI Zeal

Alther Cruz

Rantech Systems CCTV

BNI Xcite


Gold Club Members are GAME-CHANGERS

On average, for every 4-5 visitors, one becomes a chapter member. To reach the coveted Gold Club status with 6 new members, you may need around 25-30 visitors.

The impact of these new members is significant, with each visitor contributing approximately $1,000 in potential business to a BNI chapter. Imagine the possibilities – that's a potential of at least $30,000 in business for our members!

The benefits continue as these 6 new members, on average, generate 30 referrals each in their first year, making it a remarkable 180 referrals contributed annually to the team. With each referral worth about $1,400 based on regional tracking, that adds up to over $250,000 per year for the chapter!

When we factor in the potential business from other visitors, the total additional closed business for our chapter reaches close to an astounding $300,000.

We extend heartfelt appreciation to all our Gold Club members for their invaluable contributions to fellow members, chapters, and our entire TEAM of Referral Partners in the BNI Region!

Recognizable by their special name badge and internationally recognized Gold Club pin, our BNI Gold Club members proudly stand out for their exceptional efforts.

Join the Gold Club today and unlock a world of prosperous opportunities!

Gold Club members also enjoy the following privileges:

  • Acknowledgment and Recognition on the BNI Dasmariñas regional website
  • Discount on Regional Online Trainings
  • Recognition at every Regional event
  • Invitation to Gold Club exclusive events

We look forward to welcoming you to the prestigious Gold Club! 

Thank you for being a proud BNI member. 

We celebrate your contributions to your chapter!  



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